Bonjour from Paris!

Here are some highlights of days 1 and 2!

  • Most of us got to be on the 2nd floor of the 747!

  • The flight was unusually turbulent

  • Only Laura C. screamed, but not b/c of turbulence. She saw a scary scene on a TV show!

  • We arrived in Paris at 8:30, got to hotel by 11:30, but couldn't check in until 2:00

  • We met out guide, Emmanuel, bought metro tickets and went to Arc de Triomphe.

  • As soon as we walked up the metro station, we saw the beautiful arc, but we heard yelling and saw smoke and saw people running and we started coughing.

    • There was a demonstration of doctors protesting and the French police were shooting tear gas at them.

    • We heard the shots as we were going up the stairs and we breathed in the tear gas!

    • We immediately got away from the situation, checked on everyone and witnessed more swat w/ shields running towards the protesters!

    • We were scared but our tour guide kept us calm and we all recovered from our coughing, sneezing and burning eyes.

    • How many of you can say you got tear gassed in Paris! The boys were very excited . . .

    • So after that excitement we went shopping at the Champs Elysées Avenue and then went back to hotel for showers and naps.

    • After recharging we went to the Opera House and did more sight seeing and then had dinner!

    • What a day :)

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